Over The Moon with Farewell Luna

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Farewell Luna is the new project from Jared Wohl who previously fronted NJ rockers N.O.O.E – a straight up, no frills guitar-led outfit. As a singular exercise this highly contrasting four-track EP benefits from the one man, one vision approach where the captain is in sole charge but supported by an able and experienced crew. Don’t be fooled by the way the music clears its throat electronically, Wohl’s pipes are clean, clear and soulful. He has a great pop brain and delivers weighty lyrical content with a light, deft and agile voice.

The title track, By The Morning, is a nice slice of motor city soul with a wonderful Wigan casino backbeat and a bit of synth’d glockenspiel that flavours the song nicely. Wohl has the range of James Morrison but has a smoother and more intimate style. He demonstrates that you don’t need rip your lungs out to make the world hear your song.

Broken Bones might have been simple enough mid- tempo rock fare but for the fact that it departs from expected time signatures in at least three or four places. If Wohl has never listened to Be-Bop Deluxe then he surely must, for it will be love at first listen I think.

Chemicals,  rather epitomizes the quality control on this production. It’s short, sharp and punctuated by flattened out fuzz on a choppy guitar. For all its implied muscle the verse melody is cradled by single chord strokes so that you can hear the message in the song. It’s a tune that’s characterized by big sounds made tractable by a sensible dynamic.

However, Awake that is the song that invites us to consider what Jared Wohl may be capable of in the future if he continues down this path. Although the opener, By The Morning, tells us that he has an ear for a charming radio hit, it is Awake that suggests he has the scope to produce mature songwriting of a very high standard – and a lot more of it.

The Curator

December 2012

farewell luna