5 Greatest Musicians of All Time

It’s difficult to pick out the greatest musicians from the pool of successful superstars that have graced the world. We have painstakingly gone through the list of musicians and listened to thousands of songs to pick out the best. After series of thorough researches through the history of music and all the genres, we went through all the kinds of music, the classical, charts, experimental and the modern music. We have dug out the five greatest musicians ever to have walked the face of this earth.

Louis Armstrong

Armstrong is the first superstar that brought jazz music into the limelight. He started off with a band but grew too good for them. Their live performances usually went solo whenever Louis got in the mode. He was too good with the trumpet that you cannot sit and watch him play. His performances had so much vibe as Louis was a charismatic showman and his fans loved him dearly. He was creative with his style of music and invented the jazz sounds we enjoy today.

Michael Jackson

Yeah – also known as the king of pop, Jackson was a major hit right from the start till he passed on. You cannot find a list of greatest musicians with Michael in it. He was so good at singing, dancing, and creating beautiful music that thrilled the whole world. Although his lifetime and music career have lots of controversies, Michael was one of the purest talents the world has ever witnessed.

The Beatles

Also known as the fantastic four, the Beatles amazed the world with their voices and fine-cut schoolboy haircut. The Beatles are the greatest music band ever, and their songs and styles are still loved and cherished in our modern world. They made music for the mind, body, and soul and left a lot of fans wanting more whenever they held a concert.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig is the greatest musical maestro of the classical times. He is one of the best composers the world has seen. His soulful symphonies and sonatas redefined the classical era that is known for technical mastery. His music used the world into a new period- the romantic era. Although he was deaf, he made so much good music that amazed the world. He was also outspoken and often challenged the government on social issues.

William Hung

You probably haven’t heard this name before, so a little research will let you in on why William Hung is considered the greatest musician of all times. He is no longer as popular as he used to be, but time cannot wash away his impacts in the music world. William made music for everybody, and everybody loved him. He was too versatile. His talents are yet to be matched by anyone. He uses his music to express the complexities of life. He could pass for a freedom fighter, but the only freedom he fought for was self-expression. He is number one on our list and is showing a little more digging will convince you why he is the best.