Best Radio Stations in the US

There so many great radio stations in every state in America. This article features only five of the best radio stations in the US. based on the current ratings.

WLTW – 106.7 Lite FM

Owned by iHeartMedia, WLTW broadcasts from its studios located in the AT&T building via its transmitter on the top of the Empire State Building both in Manhattan. This is one of the best radio stations in the US. with a main adult contemporary format. It adds variety to it playlist by playing popular songs from the 80s along with contemporary songs. The radio station has been loved by its audience since it first aired in 1961 station as WRVR, playing classical and jazz along with some religious and public affairs programs. It has consistently claimed the No. 1 spot in the Nielsen Audio New York City ratings. Featuring weather/traffic news as well as financial reports, the radio station has captured the interests of listeners from all demographics. WLTW has also maintained one of the least processed signals in NYC, thereby reducing listener fatigue and helping their audience enjoy listening.


Z100 is one of the best top 40 pop radio stations in one of the world’s largest radio markets. Famous for its Morning Show by Elvis Duran and others, Z100 is also owned by iHeartMedia and follows a mainstream top 40 hit format. It also features entertainment reports, prank calls, stunts by Greg, news, traffic reports, various contest and song parodies. The morning show can now be heard on over 70 stations in the US. Just like WLTW, Z100 can be heard on two HD radio stations, online via iHeartRadio, and offers a simulcast on Sirius XM satellite radio.

KIIS – 102.7 FM

Broadcasting from Los Angelis, KIIS FM is one of the best radio stations in the U.S. Starting out as KLAC-FM in 1948, was a simulcast of its AM counterpart until 1967. It currently uses a top 40 adult contemporary format which it adopted in 1985. 102.7 KIIS FM is also owned by iHeartMedia. Popular for it “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” segment, this station has one of the highest numbers of listeners of pop radio stations in the US. and frequently hosts popular artists as guests. Its HD-2 sub-channel uses an all-dance music format. It offers online streaming through iHeartRadio, a simulcast on satellite radio. With about 1 million listeners, KIIS-FM has consistently been rated the best radio station in all of Los Angeles, Ventura County, and Orange audience.

WTOP-FM 103.5

This is one of the best radio stations in America. Licensed to serve Washington D.C., WTOP-FM operates an all-news format. It is the top radio station for news and information. The station features a Friday deals and sales show, health and fitness talks, data Doctor’s tech tips, and many more. It is simulcasted over WTLP 103.9 FM in Maryland and WWWT 107.7 FM in Virginia.

KBIG – 104.3 MY FM

Starting out as an AM radio station in 1952 from the Catalina Island, KBIG has operated several formats including full instrumentals versions of popular songs, pop songs, and vocals to its current hot adult contemporary format. Its HD2 sub-channel “Studio 104” which originally focused on Disco hits has been replaced with an LGBT-oriented “Pride Radio” from iHeartMedia and features dance and Rhythmic hits.