Greatest Music Acts To Perform In Vegas

Back in the day if you were to mention that you were going to Las Vegas, USA, undoubtedly people would presume that you were there for the to play a few games in the casinos.

A New Vegas

Certainly if your pleasure is to take a turn at the slots or maybe try your hand at Black Jack you have found the perfect spot. Perhaps you want to play a few games but you have no plans to make it to Vegas in the near future or you are unsure how to play, you can always brush up your skills with a quick look at this guide once you feel more confident you can check out pokerstarcasino and play some games, it’ll be just as if you were in Vegas.

A New Vegas

However more commonly today Las Vegas has become renowned for some of the best restaurants in the world and more recently some of the best musical shows to be seen. Live entertainment is of course central to the Las Vegas strip but today it is particularly famous for drawing really big name artists who have put together some of the most extravagant and noteworthy shows, often times running over several years.

The Music Acts

Back in 2003 Celine Dion, a Canadian born artist, signed up for a four-year contract in Vegas. At the time people in the industry thought this would be the death of her career but as it turned out it was set to make her into an even bigger phenomenon.Moving her entire family to Vegas, Dion committed to the Vegas experience and has become synonymous with the large scale musical acts featured at the major hotels.

The Music Acts vegas

Similarly Britney Spears has also made a name for herself as a feature musical artist in Vegas. Following her initial rise to fame as a young teenager in the USA Spears went through some troubled times in her personal life. However reviving her career in her later 20s, and now firmly established as a regular on the Vegas strip, her musical, live show became one of the most anticipated and enjoyed, especially by her loyal fans who delighted in the fact that her residency continued for four years.

The thought of choosing between the endless array of gambling options in Vegas, be it Roulette or Baccarat, may have you feeling somewhat exhausted. Imagine then how daunting  and exhausting it must seem to those artists who have committed to the long haul in a Vegas show. Elton John certainly had no lack of success or fame when he embarked on his run at Vegas, back in 2003, with The Red Piano show at Caesar’s Palace. Later in 2011 he returned to Caesar’s Palace and embarked upon his second residency The Million Dollar Piano. This show has run for an incredible six years and is about to culminate in Sir Elton’s expected retirement after his farewell tour set to run a further three years. Certainly it would seem that Vegas has fast become the place to go to either revive or prolong the career of the somewhat aging pop star!

It is no coincidence that the most celebrated and successful of the artists that have performed on the strip are in the twilight years of their career. One such artist is the iconic Rod Stewart who began his stint at Vegas back in 2001, when he signed up for two years at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace. Presenting a selection of old favorites as well as new material Rod Stewart is a fan favorite with a personality and talent guaranteed to please. Similarly who would not have wanted to see the amazing talent and showmanship of Prince! You may have enjoyed some success at the Poker table but being able to witness the enduring talents of such an artist would surely trump that! Back in 2006 Prince opened a night club at the Rio Hotel and performed on Friday and Saturday nights for five months. Less of a stadium sized show then many of the others this would have been the opportunity of a life time for die hard fans and new converts alike to experience the talent of this major star up close and personal!

The Vegas Extravaganza

The Vegas Extravaganza

This is not just for the single artist and some pretty impressive groups have seen the effects of continuing their careers in Vegas. Motley Crue presented their mind blowing show An Intimate Evening In Hell as the second residency enjoyed by the band. Incorporating real fire in the effects the show pushed the boundaries of a live show and cemented this 80’s metal band as a firm favorite at the Hard Rock. In a similar vein Guns n Roses presented a twelve night show in 2012 at the same venue. Back to the present and The Who were seen in 2017 at Caesar’s Palace for a six show stint and the much loved band Journey returned to Vegas for a second time following their initial residency in 2015. Always a sure fire bet to deliver the goods, both musically and visually, Backstreet Boys are back! Enjoying somewhat of a revival this ever popular boy band, now somewhat aged but still amazingly entertaining, enjoyed their first residency at Planet Hollywood’s Axis, just another example of the power of this unique town to create and maintain the musical dream for artist and audience alike.