Renowned Music Schools in America

College is one of the best things that can happen to any young and aspiring musician. No matter your talent, going to the right college will surely spur you to greater heights in your career. The music industry is already very saturated, it takes dedication, time, and even connections to make it to the top and the right music college can help you achieve your goals. For example, the goal of most musical students (especially theatre performance majors and classical music performance majors) is to get a chance to perform in front of musical companies and record labels. After careful examination of the top music schools in the country, their students’ performance and awards, and professional positions in the country, we bring you the top two musical schools in the country currently.

Oberlin Conservatory of Music – Oberlin, OH

Oberlin’s college of music has consistently stayed on top of the list for the best Midwest music colleges. This institution offers programs that are strictly for undergraduates. They do not accept to work with graduate students thus provides a level playground for young and rising musical talents. This means that they are more competition for lead roles in the college opera productions. This method also makes it easy for every student to get equal attention and training, hence a strong sense of individualism.

The school enrols little number of students every year (approximately 600 students). This gives the students that make it to the college the opportunity to be groomed in their various areas of specialization. Students from the Oberlin have made it to the top of their professional musical careers throughout the country and even in the world. The school’s attachment to a leading liberal art college gives the student to freedom to freely express their artistic nature. Thus, helping they nurture their talent in its purest form.

Oberlin school of music thrives on the intellectual principles of conservatory music. These are of great benefit to young and aspiring musicians looking to double major. The school offers a five-year double-degree program for both music and other academic campus programs for a student looking to get not just a music degree.

University of North Texas College of Music – Denton, TX

This is the largest college of music to be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. The school sands amongst the largest music conservatories in the world and is renowned for their excellent musical programs. The college is the first music school to offer a degree in jazz performance and has gained so much recognition and approval from musical conservatories around the world.

Their first jazz band “The One O’Clock Band” did so well and got nominated for six Grammy awards. The school presents hundreds of opportunities for raising musical talents as they host over 100 musical performances every year. One thing is sure for every student in this college; there is always a chance for you to display your talent. The schools boast of a large collection of top-notch musical staffs and a healthy environment for competition amongst the students.

So, if you are looking to enrol in the best musical college, you can check out these two and be sure you made the right choice.