The Best Live Performers to See Live

Every individual has their own personal and different taste when it comes to music, a favourite boy band, country singer, or rock and roll band. And perhaps you love dancing along to them in your living room, but there is something magical about seeing a performer live, especially if they are one of your all-time favourites. When it comes to seeing a band or artist live, some are better than others, that’s just the truth. So how do you know who is the best live? Well we did the research for you and these are the best live performances out there!


Ariana Grande


This pop queen has taken the music world by storm, going on huge tours hitting every city in the world! At only 23 she has already dropped 3 major albums and been on a countless amount of tours. Her shows are known to be super up beat and fun! Not only are her performances lively and full of dancing and pyrotechnics but her voice is fantastic, she is one of the few artists who sounds as amazing live as she does in the studio. Perfect for all the pop lovers out there Ariana Grande is not to be missed!




For all the Lorde fans out there, this year is an exciting one, everyone loved her music that she came out with a few years back and have been dying to hear more! This year she released her new album entitled “Melodrama” and will be touring around the world performing not only her previous songs but her new album as well. She is known to have a unique edgy sound and creates a funky energetic atmosphere at her live shows. Her voice is already so unique that you do not want to miss her live performances where you can truly hear her talent.


Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga has a history of extraordinary performances, everything from crazy outfits to dramatic makeup. This year, just like every other, she is taking it to the next level. She has released new music as well as new tour dates complete with new entertainment. She never disappoints, her shows are dramatic and eventful, but most importantly her powerful voice is always on point. Just wait and see what she has up her sleeve for next year.


The Rolling Stones


From the cover of magazines to the stage of Madison square garden, the rolling stones are an old classic. They have been making music and performing for decades, and are one of the greatest bands in history. You don’t get this popular and last this long for no reason. The Rolling Stones put on a fantastic live show, which is why they are still touring all these years later. Whether you are young or old, a new follower or an original listener, seeing The Rolling Stones live is a must! Add it to your music bucket list if you haven’t already.

Rolling Stones

Seeing any artist live is such a treat, but if you start with one of these performers you will not be disappointed!