The Influence of Music on Today’s Youth

Music these days has a huge influence on youth and their culture, everything from their slang vocabulary to their fashion sense. The music artists of today have the power to influence young individuals in all kinds of ways. They can spread powerful messages and discuss important issues in today’s society. Artists, like G-Eazy, Drake, The 1975, and Logic discuss topics, such as mental health, suicide and racism. Things the world has a hard time facing recently. Things that seem easier to deal with if we pretend they aren’t happening, but we need to raise awareness and talk about them. Music has made that happen and in a very positive way. These lyrics and songs impact young kids who are listening. Since the beginning of time music has had an enormous impact on the world, bringing individuals together and giving people the opportunity to express themselves in a positive and creative way.

This generation specifically has been influenced greatly by the past, bringing back old trends and re-inventing them. Cities, like San Francisco and New York have a whole world of culture that flows through the music industry. There’s a whole lingo based off the music industry in the Bay area, now being spread across the world. Words, like “Hyphy” and “Yadadamean” are now used in everyday life. Young ones look up to these artists and their lyrics, using it as a way to escape reality and create something new. Slang within the youth is always evolving and new and different words are being thrown around every day. Rap and hip-hop culture have influenced the fashion world greatly, celebrities seen wearing sneakers and baggy pants that give you that 90’s hip-hop vibe.

Brands, like Nike and Adidas are bringing back old styles. Celebrities and models, like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are helping to bring back these old trends. Some even combing the two, Kanye West who is mostly known as a rapper/Hip-hop artist has branched out into the fashion world these past few years, combing the art of music and fashion into one. There is a huge love for his work and a lot of talk on social media about it, it has had a large effect on this young generation. These styles and musical influences are spread throughout the streets of Europe to the fashion runway in Los Angeles.

Young Individuals use music as a therapeutic escape from the world. Young ones look up to these artistic individuals and value their work and what they have to say. It’s important that we are aware of the great and large impact music has on the world especially with the youth. It can be a positive and beneficial way to spread positivity and support in times of need, but it can easily get out of hand and have a negative effect. Artist have a responsibility and have to find the balance of creating what they want while keeping in mind they have the ability to affect others. Music will constantly be changing and evolving, we never know what will be the next popular sound or style.