The Top TV Music Shows

In our everyday lives we can hear music from just about anywhere, by our portable devices, radios, and even on TV with the likes of Netflix etc. But TV shows centered purely around music, with themes and plots were in short supply until Glee came along ten years ago. Nowadays, shows based on the troubles of being s struggling singer or musician have become more popular, and we have put together some of the most popular.

The Get Down

The Get Down comes out from the Netflix empire and it was created by legendary director Baz Luhrmann. It comprises of eleven episodes all one hour long. The Get Down is set in New York during the 70’s and it tracks the start and rise of hip-hop. Of course, the 70’s was the disco era, and this coming-of-age musical drama stars Shameik Moore, and Justice Smith. The show is littered with both original songs and covers which feature disco, rap, salsa, and of course hip-hop.


Another hip-hop orientated show, but this time a soap opera from Fox. The action is all centered around a fictional music company namely Empire Entertainment. The Lyon family is the dynasty that rules Empire Entertainment and the story-line is based on inner family bickering and feuds. There is a strong cast led by Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson, and a great deal of the music on the show is produced by Justin Timberland. The music mixes up pop, R&B , and rap and is often performed by the cast. The artists and actors bring this show to life and it is highly entertaining.

Mozart in the Jungle

As the title might suggest this musical TV show is a comedy, and it is all about classical music in New York and those members who are in the New York Symphony Orchestra. The show is based on a memoir written by Blair Tindall who was the oboist. The whole thing is slightly surreal, and there are cameo appearances from current day musicians such as Lelie Resnick. One of the driving themes in the program is the way female composers are overlooked by the male dominated industry. Mozart in the Jungle offers something new to the musical program that is a refreshing change to pop culture.


If comedy dramas are your thing then you are bound to find Atlanta right up your street. The writing is incredibly inventive and the characters larger than life. The show follows two young cousins who are trying to make their way in the Atlanta rap scene.

This is a super production that gets really personal in a highly original way. The show also displays a great deal of social commentary that is interspersed with subtle humor. It is available to watch on FX, and Hulu.These four new musical shows augment Glee which has to be one of the most successful comedy-drama series that has ever been screened. But they offer a development of the musical show genre which elevates what these shows are all about, and that is to entertain us.