Where to Find New Music

Back in the days discovering new music was a slight challenge. It was nowhere near as easy as it is now. These days you can just click a button, a link, or change the T.V channel and hear new music. In this generation, there is no excuse for an overplayed playlist all thanks to the ease of technology. Yet somehow, it’s gotten messier to explore, to dig and to hunt for new artists. The real question is, where do you even start to look?

Social Media

It’s hard to find somebody without an Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and so forth. And it’s even harder to find someone who doesn’t share almost every detail of their lives on the internet, including what they listen to, which surprisingly is a great way to discover new music. Many have found new songs because of what others have posted or the hashtags they’ve used of the latest hits. With a quick search on social media, you can never go wrong.


In my opinion, probably one of the easiest ways to discover new music is by going on to Spotify, Apple Music, or Youtube and hitting up any playlist of the genre of your preference. You’ll be surprised at the different kinds of artists you’ll find. There are hours of music playlist waiting to be discovered.


My ultimate favourite, is the old classic walk-in. Don’t be afraid to step into one of those old CD or record shops just around the corner because those are where you get to find the hidden gems. Where you’ll find these old CDs of the weirdest bands ever, and that will probably change your whole perspective on music and open your world to another level of musical culture. Just a heads up- you’ll spend hours in there jotting down all the new artists and bands so plan ahead and give yourself time to search and enjoy the process.

Music CD

Festivals and Gigs

It may not be the most affordable or the easiest but, it definitely is the most fun. Go online, check out who’s in town and who will be playing at a nearby gig and check them out. Small artists don’t tend to be expensive or sold out, so you might have a chance. You will be taking a small risk by not knowing who they are and there being a chance of you disliking them, so you can do a little research and check them out on YouTube first.

Cheering crowd at concert


And last but not least, just turn up the radio and see what’s on. You don’t have to crank up the stereotypical stations where all their playing is literally the same mainstream song on repeat. Find out what kinds of stations there are in your area, probably some that play oldies, or that stick to a certain genre, like Indie or Alternative, and let it play. And if you come across a song you just can’t seem to get out of your head, Shazam it and be sure to add it to your playlist.